Being fashionable for beginners

Beauty is not always in the eyes of the one who looks at it, is it? Fashion may be very superficial and the exclusive business of a handful of privileged. But it's easier than you think to do the right thing to gain confidence and build a trendy wardrobe.

Tidy up your wardrobe.

Explore every tissu you have then pick the ones you want to keep. Give, sell or rearrange everything you have not worn in a year (which is not in season), anything that does not suit you or is not your taste.

Know what your morphology is and dress accordingly

The most fashionable outfits of the moment will have no pace on you if you do not have the morphology to wear them. This does not mean that you are too strong, too thin, too big or too small. It's just that you do not have the silhouette you need for this cut.

Know what your style is

What do you like to wear? Do you want to introduce trendy elements to your wardrobe or do you prefer a more classic look? Are you the type to wear low waist pants? Do you want to become a fashion pro? Being fashionable does not mean that you have to adhere to a specific look. It involves finding what you are comfortable with and who you are.

What environment do you live in?

To dress and be fashionable, you need to consider factors such as where you live, where you go and what you do. If you're wearing an evening gown at the office, it's not really trendy, if you're wearing a tailor for a dance party, ditto. Think about the type of clothing appropriate to what you are doing.

Ask for someone to go with you during your shopping spree

It is always good to have the perspective of an outsider, especially with a friend to pass the time faster. Take someone who can give you constructive criticism about your clothes. The image we see in the mirror is not always faithful to our real appearance. Take with one's tongs the opinions of each other. The style of your best friend belongs to him, it's not yours. But if she loves a piece of clothing that has gone unnoticed at home, take the time to take a second look. Your mind could be opened up to a new style!
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