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eylash extensions

Eyelash extensions are definitely one of the greatest inventions by mankind to women especially the permanent ones. This is because many women don’t have the time to put fake eyelashes every single day and that is where the importance and convenience of permanent eyelash extension come in. Many artists agree with this as there are a variety of products to choose from. Eyelash products are available at, therefore, you can decide to buy eyelash extensions online without worry. These extensions are categorized according to their ease of removal, material, and sizes. However, some people prefer to use the one which has the most positive customer reviews as they show their reliability. The best eyelash extensions include-:

Lankiz 3D eyelash extensions

These extensions are of premium quality as they have been constructed by silk that brings about its elegance. These handmade inventions are quite soft and actually light hence you can go about their day without feeling the weight of the eyelashes. Many of its consumers have risen to be natural when it comes to its weight and feel. You can actually decide to go for a swim with it without the fear of them falling off as they are water-proof hence very long-lasting. Each set comes with different sizes hence it eliminates the stress that comes with worrying about whether they will fit you or not. They are quite a user-friendly in the sense that they come with stripes to help one who is applying them for the first time.

Scala individual Lash Extensions

This is another eyelash extension product that one needs to be aware of as they are both light in weight yet quite functional due to the fact that they have been made from synthetic fibers. They have such a voluminous nature, yet they tend to be light in weight hence one of the best products to use. They can be used with anyone regardless of whether you have flimsy eyelashes or not. Another added advantage is that they are cheap hence you can decide to buy more than one set and their pocket won’t bear the brunt of their choice. They come in different sizes, 8 sizes to be exact, thus you can choose depending on the size of their natural eyelashes. They are easily removed by makeup remover.

Svanslashes eyelash extensions

If you are looking for eyelash extensions which don’t clump or easily tear up then this extension is made for you as it has been made with Korean silk which allows the eyelash to be light in weight yet still be durable. Each tray has sufficient lashes, and they are also quite simple to apply hence great for even the first time users. One is spoilt for choice when it comes to curl options you get to choose from as they have a variety. When choosing the right eyelash extension it is important to have the following factors in mind: A. Size; The best eyelash extensions are the ones which have a lot of different sizes to choose from. This is because the goal of applying eyelash extensions is those that they look elegant yet no one can pinpoint that they are fake. If your extensions are too short then you would not be able to look different from your natural eyelashes yet if they are too long then one can easily pinpoint that you have applied fake eyelashes. B. The material used; There are usually three main materials which include synthetic which happens to look artificial, yet they are of low maintenance, mink material which appear more natural but need high maintenance and the silk material are usually light yet a bit uncomfortable. C. Curl variety. You are advised to look for a brand that has different curl options to choose from as every material has a different curl to it. D. Ease of application. This is a factor to consider especially if you are the one to apply it and not a professional. What you need to understand is that you should avoid the oil-based mascara for eyelash extensions as they tend to cause the glue to lose its properties thus causing the extensions to fall off. There is mascara for eyelash extensions brands but it is important to avoid the oil-based ones. All these brands are available when you're buying eyelash in Canada, to be more specific eyelash extensions in Montreal.

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