The trendiest jewelry styles for 2019

Do you really fancy jewelry? Here we take a look at the most popular jewelry trends while offering a shopping guide to buy the rings, the bracelets and the necklaces of the season. The choice of a jewel depends on several things: the context (wedding, everyday life), your character or mood, your look or your budget.  Follow these tips to select the jewel that will be most suitable for you. What style of accessories to adopt? Which pieces to choose to twister your look in a trendy way? The answer with our selection of jewelry guns to boost all your outfits! Visit for more.

The first question to ask is: do you prefer gold or silver?

Gold lends itself more to big events. This precious metal goes perfectly with all kinds of outfits. The gold color, yellow or pink version, enhances the golden skins as well as the brown ones. If you are looking for discretion, opt for the silver version and white gold. These metals accentuate the softness of the faces with porcelain hues, whether they have light or dark hair.

Think about your budget.

It will have an influence on your choice. Collecting accessories is one of the major trends in jewelry. Be careful though not to overdo it! It is better to reserve this practice for one kind of adornment: one chooses either the bracelets, the rings, or the necklaces. Simplicity will also be the order of the most precious jewels that oscillate between sober lines and brilliance of the diamond in a mile and a rhinestone. Gold, pink gold or silver, it's up to you to twister your classics with a few well-placed bursts for jewels easy to live and wear.

Skin and hair color

Blonde, dark-skinned brunette, light-skinned brunette or red-haired, each woman has a type of jewel adapted. Light-skinned brunettes will be able to enhance the colors of their faces with brightly colored jewels: poppy red, royal blue, canary yellow, fuchsia pink ... and precious stones like emerald and ruby. Orange tones such as coral and amber enhance the tawny color of red hair. Adopt without hesitation leather bracelets, or wooden necklaces. Yellow gold is the most suitable material for browns with golden skin. The jewelry in warm tones and pastels will delight you. You can also afford different stones such as amber, turquoise, amethyst, sapphire and ruby. If at last you have fair hair and fair skin, your favorite stones will be diamond and ruby. In terms of colors, go for white gold, silver, and all the bright colors: pink, turquoise, yellow...
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