Jewelry for men: tips and advice

Curious to really understand why men wore so little jewelry, I began a small investigation in my entourage. Of course, this one does not have value of representative sample of the population but can nevertheless bring some elements of answers.


To the question "why don’t you wear jewelry? I was often retorted: too connoted, too feminine, flashy or worse, "not for me". Simple but pithy as answer. Does this mean that some men are born to wear jewelry and some are not? Finally, and as always, the jewel is associated with social considerations firmly rooted in our heads, imagery as old as outdated. Symbol of power and wealth, the jewel is excluding. Almost banned from the men's locker room for more than two centuries (and reserved for women), he is feminine and therefore sexually connoted.


"But then, will you tell me, how to wear jewelry when one is a man?" I'm coming! Know first of all that, when it comes to jewelry, the only rule is that there is not ... almost! No ... this is definitely not the result we are looking for here. Of course, some indications may be necessary to avoid turning into a real Christmas tree or a sad replica of Puff Daddy... The jewels are accessories of no practical use. Their only interest lies in what they say about you, your personality. Wearing jewelry is choosing to express something special, deep. There is not really a fashion jewel. When there are some currents, most often, they run out to become quickly anachronistic or even tacky. Like here, jewelry dresses some parts of the body. They draw the eye to these areas, sublimate them. Here are some basic questions that I answer to allow you to calmly take your first steps in the wonderful world of jewelry. Let's go!


Is it too much? It’s a question of perspective!

Yes of course! A ring, a bracelet, a necklace ... why not mix everything? It all depends on your style. A man who is a jewelry lover with an assumed style will find it easier to stack bracelets on his wrist or wear several rings on each hand. Just be careful never to do too much, at the risk that we cannot distinguish any of your beautiful accessories as there would be many.

So, gold or silver?

According to popular belief, gold would go more to haired skins and silver to pale skins. Yes and no. Again, be careful not to restrict, it is important that the jewel you like. If it is true that gold has a more bling bling connotation, it all depends on how to wear it. Believe me, if your accessory is in bad taste, your entourage will surely let you know.
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