Jewelry tips for elegant women

Buying a jewel is a pleasure for all of us. Moreover, very often, the jewel is bought on a crush, just for fun. However, it is important to know how to match your jewelry to his outfit, but also to his own style.

Wear your jewelry according to trends

However, jewelry can be chosen according to trends, although this is not a rule of thumb. Fashion changes every year and it is the same for the jewels. Just flip through the fashion magazines to follow the trend; you can also get the latest and greatest celebrity style, jewelry trends, and shopping suggestions on several online magazines like Generally, jewelry trends closely follow fashion, making it easier to match. For example, just buy a little top in a shop, to find the necklace that will be perfectly matched.

How to match your jewelry with clothes?

Before all things, you must know how to differentiate each type of jewelry. There are vintage and impressive jewels, which can be used with any outfit. They are discreet and easy to wear. The more sustained and more conspicuous jewels, with pearls, stones or many rhinestones will be worn sparingly, at the risk of looking like a Christmas tree. The total rhinestone look: earrings, necklace, ring and bracelet is to be avoided because it would be much too flashy. Bohemian / ethnic jewelry is to wear with particular outfits, in perfect harmony with this type of jewelry.

Wear your jewelry according to your morphology

Of course morphology comes into play when talking about jewelry. Small people will have to avoid wearing necklaces or heavy jewels, as this gives the illusion of compacting the figure. It is better to focus on fine, delicate or even colored jewels. As for relatively large people, they can dare to wear long necklaces type jumper. The choice to wear earrings will depend on the shape of the face. A round face will support many fine, dangling loops or rings. Earrings too imposing are to be avoided, at the risk of accentuating this effect of roundness. People with a long face will however avoid the hanging loops, which accentuate this length. It will be necessary rather to turn towards non pendulous loops and there, the choice does not miss.

Wear your jewelry with the seasons and the outfits

The jewels are also worn according to the seasons. The summer jewels will not be the same as those of winter and vice versa. In summer, we prefer fine jewelry, colorful, fantasy or chokers. It is important to look after the neckline when you wear a summer dress, with an original necklace, cheerful, colorful and in harmony with the outfit. Summer and spring are seasons where you can afford all the fantasies. The color is de rigueur. The golden rule is to carefully match his summer jewelry with his outfit. Aside from that, you can afford everything. In winter, the tones of the jewels change. Gold and silver are of course easy to wear in winter or fall, but there are also black, brown or orange jewelry. Warm or neutral tones are appropriate for cold seasons.
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