Our tips before you start shopping for jewelry online

There are different types of places to make the purchase of a diamond. In this article, we have listed the most common: traditional jewelery stores, jewelry stores and online sales sites. For each of them, we have listed their advantage and their disadvantage.

Buying a diamond in a jewelry store

Classical jewelry remains the favorite place to buy a jewel. There are two main types of jewelery: on the one hand the traditional jewelry, often family and independent, with a craftsmanship; and on the other hand, jewelery chains organized into signs, vending machines and multi-brands.

Advantage of a jewelery shop:

It is undeniable that the dialogue with a jeweler and the possibility of physically seeing diamonds in jewelery is a real plus to get to know the diamond and its criteria of choice. Prefer a jeweler who has a sufficiently large stock of diamonds to show you different ranges of price, weight and diamond qualities.

Disadvantage of a jewelery shop:

For reasons of cost and safety, the physical stock of diamonds is often limited, not allowing you to choose from a very broad range of qualities and prices. In France, most jewelers have made the choice to offer their customers diamonds F or G and purity VS for jewels positioned on a quality offer and H or I color diamonds and SI purity for the most commercial jewelers.

Buying online

First of all, there are two main types of online sites. On the one hand, the generalist sites that sell a wide range of rings, solitaire, pendants ... (gold, platinum, silver ...) and stones (precious stones and semi-precious stones ...). Specialized websites offer different types of frames andstones. Among them, there are sites specializing in the sale of diamond jewelery, usually held by a diamond dealer.

Advantage of buying online:

If the argument of the price competitiveness of diamonds sold 25% to 50% cheaper than in classical jewelry often comes back, the accessibility to a large online catalog to freely decide the weight, color, purity and The quality of your diamond's size is by far the number 1 benefit of online shopping. Where a jeweler or a brand will put you in front of diamonds they have in stock and must sell, the online sales site offers a large stock which allows you a much greater choice, accessible in a few clicks, where that you are.

Drawbacks of buying online

The brake of an online purchase is of course the risk of buying without seeing the diamond and checking the weight and brilliance. To counter this lack, online retail sites focus on transparency: as diamonds meet highly standardized quality criteria, the diamonds offered are usually always accompanied by a quality certificate, issued by an independent laboratory. HRD, IGI, GIA. True ID card of your diamond, it gives the buyer all the precise and detailed information on the nature of the proposed diamond.
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