Shopping tips for fashion enthusiasts

It's back to school days and you're determined to change. What better way to start than a shopping session? But beware, renewing its locker room remains a high-risk activity for the uninitiated and even with the best intentions, the pitfalls are numerous. Rest assured, everything is learned in life. Today, the school teacher is called Lifestyle Council and gives you all the tips that will save you time and money. To your notebooks!

Shopping on Saturdays? No thanks!

It’s just about a little common sense to start with. Who do you think goes shopping on Saturday afternoons? Everyone is a good answer! That's why you do not do it. A crowd that goes beyond the understanding, a terrible heat and sellers out of breath, stressed, tired who find neither the right color nor the right size and end up giving you a n whatever. In short, hell! Do you really want that? No. So be a minimum strategist and keep yourself a day in the week. Yes, the one of your choice. Nevertheless, for more tranquility, avoid Wednesday, children's day, candy and noise.

Never without my list

The second essential point when deciding to go shopping is to draw up a shopping list. Sort the items in order of need and for each garment set the maximum amount you are willing to invest. Add it all up and get your budget. The limits are made to be rejected, you're right, and to exceed a few euros for the purchase of a beautiful piece is not very serious but make sure to stay reasonable. An aberrant wardrobe is so quickly arrived! Thus, it is totally ridiculous to put all your savings in a coat, if you do not have in return a nice pair of shoes or well-cut trousers. In shopping as elsewhere, so you must have goals and you stick to it. It is this rigor that will save you, for example, the purchase of a sixth shirt while you only have one pair of jeans.

The four Seasons

The time of year when you decide to shop is also important, and here again some advice is needed because many men do not know when to buy their clothes. In a very schematic way, remember this. September for the Fall / Winter and March collection for the Spring / Summer collection. Always make a registration at the beginning of the collection or during capsule collections. You will have a pretty clear idea of the big trends ahead. Then buy only the essentials of the season and the pieces for which you had a crush and that you absolutely want to own. Then come back during the sales periods is January and June, ideally, the very first days to enjoy a large selection of sizes and the last days for any good surprises.
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