Fashion trends for summer 2019

No need to lose yourself in the din of fashion trends spring summer 2019. To summarize: the summer looks great, very nice. And to find out more about what to wear in a few months, here is a summary (unpretentious) of fashionable pieces to have, a guaranteed 100%  reference item in real life!

Fashion: spring summer 2019 trends

We love summer don’t we? This season, the fashion for spring summer 2019 looks already perfect! We find some pieces that we left last year before the fall takes them away. There are also some great classics like the overalls or pants that have become essential fashion. And then, we discover some new things to spice up our summer. The fashion spring summer 2019 will look like a trip. Pop colors, inspirations from elsewhere, fluid and light materials, long dresses, embroidery and little flying ... the escape is inviting in our wardrobes. Sometimes in the Camargo, sometimes in Mexico, it's up to you to choose the destination. And then, the collections will invite us to a journey in time. The fashion trends of the summer will be inspired by the 90s with the return of the bra, the sportswear style and flashy colors. Attention, we must expect the return of baggy pants and dress Cheongsam.

Essential pieces of summer

We have already mentioned some of the clothes for women to have in her closet this summer as the bra, the pants suit (which comes in short version) or the combination. But there are others. In mid-season jackets, opt for the summer parka or the windbreaker. For others, more classic, there will be the XXL blazer that had already tried a breakthrough last year. If the ruffled dress is THE spring summer 2019 dress, the gypsy-style dress has nothing to envy. It will be everywhere and so easy to wear. Regarding pants or jeans spring summer 2019, we play with the cuts. You opt for high-waisted trousers, 7/8 jeans worked or XXL fluid pants that can be confused with a long skirt.

What are the shoes and fashion accessories of the summer?

This season, clearly, it will be necessary to wear the dad shoes; the big sneakers that make you think that you are wearing the 45. They will be everywhere. If they do not seduce you, then it will be necessary to climb on shoes with heels. Mules or sandals, height and style matter little as long as you take a minimum of height. Special mention for openwork shoes (in caning). It is everywhere and it's beautiful.
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