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There are fashion styles that you know, at least from skaters, gothic, hip-hop, punk cultures ... These fashion (and musical) subcultures are several decades old and many illegitimate stylistic children behind them. In the street, the looks are renewed, even if they do not reinvent everything. Here are some dress styles that have caused these days to discover or rediscover!

The Pastel Goth

Like the seapunk of which he is the great cousin, Pastel Goth has its origins in the Tumblr culture. It seems that it has pointed its nose in 2012. Its thing is to put in the same shaker references grunge, Gothic even satanic and little things cute, sweet and rainbow. Said like that, it's pretty vague, and it's pretty hard to know exactly where this sartorial style comes from. In Japan, in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, several girls have become icons of the genre, like the teenage model Juria Nakagawa. It has to be said, this is not totally surprising, since this look is reminiscent of other busy Japanese street styles: gothic lolitas, kawaii, decora, or visual kei…

The Mipsterz

Another place gives other habits. The term "hipster" is a bit like Mickaël Vendetta in his time: he is omnipresent, he does not want to say much, and even his followers expect that he falls into oblivion with impatience. Except that it is obviously not for tomorrow, since a new derivative of the hipster unleashed the canvas late 2013. These are the "Mipsterz", an almost brand new word that contracts the terms "muslim" and hipster. Like their cousins, they define themselves as "at the forefront of music, fashion, art, critical thinking, food, and creativity." The Mipsterz are hype Muslims, who intend to marry the style and the religion without taking the head, sometimes at the limit of the irony. Their first appearance seems to go back to 2012, but they made their mark on the entire Internet last November, thanks to the publication of a video featuring mipsterz girls playing in New York on Jay-Z's Somewhere in America.

The Amish Hipsters

In another genre, associating Amish and fashionable fashion at the forefront of the hype sounds like a big Kamoulox. The Amish are not a fashionable subculture, but a religious community. They are traditional Christians, established in North America, the United States and Ontario (Canada) since the beginning of the 18th century. They live on the margins of modern society, raise farm animals, grow their vegetables, and dress in an ultra-classic, sober and uncluttered way. In short, at first glance, they would rather be the antithesis of bloggers fashion followers of the sequin and podiums.
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