The latest lingerie trends of 2019

Because fashion also includes lingerie, we tell you all about the strong trends of the winter of 2019. Your underwear will just have to stand! Because no one will neglect the importance of pretty lingerie and its impact on self-confidence, we can no longer deny that in terms of underwear too, fashion has a key role!

Fashion in lingerie

Just as fashion is enriched with a multitude of genres and styles, lingerie brands are more and more the focus of all the ways to be beautiful. Sporty bibs, transparent triangles and funny panties will rub shoulders in the rays of under all the sunny season. Cotton, lace and satin: the fabrics have nothing to envy to each other in terms of sex-appeal. In terms of colors, the whole palette of the rainbow will be at the rendezvous to make us blush with pleasure, orange and tropical colors topping the list.


What's more important than feeling good about your underwear? If they can respond to any situation but also any state of mind, the bodywear is comfortable. But exit the comfort lousy, and say hello to aesthetic comfort in 2019. With soft seamless materials, the woman feels emancipated and wears lingerie for herself first and foremost and for no one else! And above all, we do not want to hear the saying "we must suffer to be beautiful", that we leave far, far behind us.


As with Korean beauty, layering is a layer-building technique, making lingerie visible. Already present in recent seasons, this trend will allow you to assume a nightie a little sexy on a basic T-shirt with short sleeves, or a pretty lace bra under a mesh top or transparent tulle of the same color. Lingerie, we assume.

The strapping

What strapping will you say to us? This is a lingerie trend borrowed from the world of bondage, but rest assured: much more chic. Let it be clear, however, here we forget all spirit of comfort, and we leave room for extreme seduction. And with this strong trend, you will inevitably be able to find a model that will suit you and you will be delighted: the brands have all started on the strapping!

Controlled neckline

We could associate the trend of controlled neckline to that of layering, in the sense that, here too, the lingerie must be visible, but this time, all in subtlety. Plunging necklines or open shirts, but never without their favorite accessory: the lace bra, or even the bralette, let it appear ... without revealing too much!
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