What’s fashion and how we define it?

Fashion is a reflection of an era, a country, a culture or a population. Whether clothing, artistic, musical, decorative, aesthetic, political, language, sports or geographical ... the fashions are made and discarded, exclude or embrace, affect all environments and all areas. We can love it, run away from it, look for it, scorn it ... But what are we talking about, where does it come from and what is it for?

What is fashion?

When we think about fashion, we have in mind the clothing industry, luxury, cosmetics, brands that create and develop accessories to embellish the look ... Fashion is also a way to assert its social rank , his purchasing power or his personality. Fashion creates changes that are regularly renewed, two, three, four times a year, in the case of fashion with the successive collections. Another peculiarity of fashion is that instead of adding new elements, it tends to remix them. For example, OMI's 2015 Summer Tube - "Cheerleader" is actually an old piece, remixed by a "fashionable" DJ.

Where does fashion come from?

If those who create fashion are often artists or creators, everyone may feel like launching one. We all have a creative part in us ... Fashion is defended by the critics and all those who touch it who become ambassadors ... Here too, we can be impacted, for the little that we want because to follow the fashion it's not mandatory…

How is a fashion born?

Fashion is based on the power of the "claw" of those who transform inert objects, raw materials such as fabric into magic objects, carrying meaning represented by a color, a shape or a logo. Fashion can also be born without reason or precise origin. It occurs at a certain time because the conditions are right for it to appear. If its origin is often difficult to detect, that explaining the reason for its disappearance is often just as mysterious.

What is the meaning of fashion?

Fashion is a way of living, of thinking, specific to an era, a country, a milieu. It is often considered as superficial or as a way of selling products that the consumer (so you) may feel compelled to buy "because it is fashionable". Fashion brings together people who will go to the same desires or make the same choices. It conveys values ​​such as change, ephemeral, new, modern, trendy, original, highly publicized, elitism, luxury...
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