The best american music awards’ outings of the last decade

From red carpets to previews, to first ranks in VIP parties, these men and women shone with their style. Here are the 20 best dressed celebrities (French and foreign) from 2018.


A true chameleon in the red carpet, Cate Blanchett masters his stylistic score, and succeeds in the feat of being as elegant in a simple black suit as in a crazy high fashion piece. The actress has once again proved last May, while she chaired the jury of the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival.


The one who dazzled the Cannes red carpet in 2016 is once again the joy of photographers in 2018. The only master aboard her stylistic vessel (the actress sails without a stylist), Blake Lively proves again this year that she knows what she go. And it's not his multiple pantsuits who will say the opposite.


He may well cause mockery and / or disdain, Kanye West does not care. And as for music, the rapper does not hesitate to change his style at will, on a whim. One day in total Yeezy fleece look, the next day in a tye & dye sweatshirt, and the next day in a Louis Vuitton Man suit by Virgil Abloh, West plays the card of plurality, even to be hated.


She shakes the protocol and has seduced the British with a classic dressing room, but modern. Givenchy, Jason Wu, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Emilia Wickstead ... Meghan Markle juggles perfectly between luxury houses and more confidential claws, and manages the feat of imposing his style on a monarchy impregnated by tradition.


He became the darling of New York cool kids, who even dedicated a Twitter account and an Instagram account. In 2018, Jonah Hill seems in any case to have found his style, between last generation sneakers, designer trousers and message t-shirts. The pink color is optional, but it is also what makes the actor's charm.


All goes to Sarah Paulson. And especially the strong parts that no one else would assume to wear. A Calvin Klein leather set? It is for her. A sweet pink Valentino dress? No problem. On red carpets, the actress exudes incredible self-confidence, and makes any outfit ultra-chic.


The good thing about Tracee Ellis Ross is that she likes to play with fashion. Guided by her stylist Karla Welch (the best in Hollywood, just that), the actress Black-ish dares to leave his comfort zone without playing the card of eccentricity. It's sharp, and it suits him well.
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