Who are the most fashionable celebrities who don’t use stylists ?

Most celebrities rely on the help of professionals to “pick” the right appearance during main events. There are, however, some daring stars who choose to dress themselves and not seek help from fashion designers. Here are some of the most fashionable celebs that refuse the idea of using stylists. You can also get updated on the latest and greatest TV celebrity styles, runway trends, and shopping suggestions at spott.tv/!

Dionne Warwick

A coat in real fur, a dress that hangs to the floor, a multicolored scarf that swears with the dress and pink glasses reserved for disguised parties ... the American singer breaks the record of missteps in one outfit.

Bryce Dallas Howard

On the red carpet of the Golden Globes in 2016, actress Bryce Dallas Howard told Giuliana Rancic that she liked to buy her own dresses in the department store to have more options in size 38, contrary to what the creators propose.

Blake Lively does not want a stylist

Her inimitable style, Blake Lively owes it to one person: herself. The Survival Instinct star unveiled in an interview with Women's Wear Daily magazine why she did not want to hire someone to manage her wardrobes. According to Blake Lively, it's a question of personality. Unashamedly, the 30-year-old actress revealed that she would not stand to entrust her clothing choices to anyone. "Honestly, I have a big ego, and I'm a real control freak". And when we see the evolution of the look of Blake Lively, we can only recognize that she has taste.

Bebe Rexha deemed too big by Grammy stylists

While singer Bebe Rexha is delighted to have been nominated for Grammys for Best New Artist or Best Country Performance by a duo or group, she faces an obstacle. The 29-year-old star is still unaware of what she will put on because all the creators and stylists that her team contacted said that they had nothing for her. According to them, she would be too oversize explained, she explained on her Instagram account. The singer who wears a size 38-40 got upset against these people who think she’s too thick. "To all those people who said I was too big for their dresses, I do not want to wear them anymore."

Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer, an Oscar winner, told reporters, "No designer comes to see me!" at the 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The following Sunday, she was nominated for a Golden Globe and still had not found a dress.
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