Evolution of the fashion industry

Minds evolve at every moment and why not clothes. However, who says dresses says ... "Fashion" and above all they imply "THE fashion of women". In this document, we completely mention the history of fashion to give you a more than complete idea.

Medieval years, the first phenomena of fashion

Appearances at the beginning of the 12th century had become a sign of social rank. This was the case in France and Italy. The clothing revolution had meant that in the fourteenth century people dared to start wearing clothes without armor. Some people were shocked at this change. It was not until the early fifteenth century that women began to emphasize the shapes of their bodies with arched seams. You know what? The slender waist was already in vogue at that time. What is more surprising than to see women put all long dresses under the effect "bell". Lace, silk and velvet are thus the most popular materials.

The rebirth, acceleration of the fashion phenomenon

Fashion was further developed in the early sixteenth century mainly in Italy and Spain thanks to the evolution of communication in Europe. Sophisticated costumes and luxuries were already worn, with "strawberry", a pleated and voluminous collar worn by both men and women

The beautiful era, evolution of dress

It was around 1778 when the first fashion presses were published: "The French Fashion and Costume Gallery", "The Ladies 'Store", "The Ladies' Newspaper", "The Little Echo of Fashion". All this contributed enormously to the evolution of clothing and dress habits of the whole country. Confections had appeared in the nineteenth century.

The roaring Twenties, Birth of "Fashion"

Fashion was born in 1920. Hello emancipation! On the way to more comfortable outfits! This is what sums up the fashion trends of this post-World War era. In fact, many French women became widows, were forced to work instead of men and therefore did not want to be bothered by uncomfortable clothes. The art movement Art Deco was a source of inspiration.

The 1950s, marked by the "New Look"

The 50s are marked by other inventions. These are the advent of push-up bras, stiletto heels and sheath. By revealing all her femininity and elegance, the women of this period are more than glamorous.

The 60s, proliferation of "street fashion"

The women's wardrobes of the 1960s are blown by a wind of freedom and youth. The clothing trends of this period are influenced by socio-cultural changes. It is a veritable revolution of appearances. Ready-to-wear is booming thanks to the increasing industrialization of clothing. It was up to haute couture to lose speed.
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