The importance of fashion for individual human beings

Since it implements volume, matter, color, etc., fashion can be defined as an art. It is addressed to our senses, our emotions, our intellect. It inspires us, creates an atmosphere and can play on our state of mind. Is this the secret of its importance?

Importance of fashion these days

We live in a world that attaches a lot of credit to appearance and we often tend to judge a person on his mine, his pace. This is the reason why we place a lot of importance on the garment, the adornment. It is not a new phenomenon, purely contemporary: we have always been obsessed with the eyes of others and our style of dress. The history of humanity proves that fashion has always counted and the way people dress always matters to others. The tombs of the Egyptian kings, full of clothes and stately jewels, show us that the concern for appearance is millennial and that it responds to man's eternal need to please and to please himself. The garment acts essentially like a second skin, it is a part of ourselves. It is naked that the child comes into the world and it is the garment that plunges it into humanity.Fashion is then responsible for making him another body than his anatomical body with which he must compose. Thus, growing up, the body becomes a fashion body, an object of desire. Because fashion refers to the whimsical, symbolic, imaginary ... and fashion is consumed by the image. You can visit for more about interactive image products. If the garment meets a pragmatic need (heat, comfort, protection ...), fashion, it plunges us into dreamlike. But fashion is not only about expressing our mood, it also reveals who we are, through our choices and our dress habits.

Childhood and teenage years

From childhood, the clothing suggested by parents can be a source of conflict if it does not please friends. Thus, from the first years of his life, the child gets dressed in the morning to "sell". In adolescence, clothing marks an opposition, a distance. It is also used to get closer to others to form a group of pairs (see the article "we are all clones"). By dressing like his boyfriend, the teenager chooses the other as an identity group.

Fashion and adulthood

The transition to adulthood in no way detracts from this desire to express itself through its clothing because clothing is a source of pride whose elegance refers to the upper class. And, even if the principle is questionable, we are often judged on our dress and our attitudes, especially in the world of work. It is therefore important to obey the social conventions of clothing.
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