How the fashion industry has heped overcome poverty

You can tell me, "It was time for you to come to town! But I will tell you about it anyway. The ideology behind slow fashion is one that you will apply to your family life. If you happen to consume your clothes like that, you will be able to apply it to other spheres of your lives and you will be winner on the whole line (the earth too).

Slow fashion

First, what is slow fashion? It is the fact of buying quality and neutral clothes, which will last longer as well at the level of the potential breaks as of your wardrobe which shouts too quickly: "I seem to come from 1992!”. Most people are now aware of over-consumption issues, but they still do not want to come dressed in jute pockets at the office.

How to dress responsibly?

Buy quality neutral clothing that will not be outdated or broken in 1 year. Shirts, plain t-shirts, plain jackets, several elements that make up a good "background" of wardrobe. Prioritize local brands, and even more those that use fibers that you know are environmentally friendly or whose manufacturing does not have a major impact on the environment. To become a fair-trade and eco-friendly pro, consult Équiterre's Responsible Garment Guide. Ask before you buy! Brands that are proud to be green highlight the reasons why you should buy their products. Look carefully at this information without being fooled! Does giving 10 cents per shoe sold to a foundation run by the president of the same company make this brand a responsible brand? We are entitled to doubt it. Take care of your dirty laundry! The recommendations written on the labels are not mere suggestions, following them and washing your clothes carefully will lengthen the useful life of your garment.

Repair what breaks!

Even if a clothing store tells us, it's time to add that to our consumer practices. Patagonia has made available to all 40 tutorials to repair your clothes yourself as part of its campaign 'repair is a radical act' or 'repair is a radical action'. If, despite all this, the stitching is not really in your strings, find the friend / cousin / uncle / grandmother of your entourage who handles the Singer or go wear your broken piece at the cleaner or at the workshop. sewing closest to you. It's worth it! I tell you all this while being aware that for children, it is not SO easy. You're right, the growth factor is one that complicates things a little, but does not make responsible drinking impossible! Obviously the purchase of used clothes is a perfect option because children who grow up quickly do not have time to use all their clothes and you can find small jewels in thrift stores. On the other hand, there are also other solutions.
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