Fashion trends for winter 2019

Winter clothing trends are here. Fashion enthusiasts tend to look for new things to wear for winter. Thankfully, we are here to update you on the trendiest winter and fall clothes and inform all of you about the style that you must adopt to be in the trend for the fall winter period in 2018-2019.

What are the winter fashion trends 2018/2019?

Autumn shopping is in full swing and the shops are full of clothes that are perfect for the cooler days that, with the rhythm of the seasons, will not be long in coming. We still have part of the summer to savor! Why not jazze your late-summer look with clothes and accessories that you can wear all fall? It's a great way to extend your summer wardrobe and start the seasonal transition. No need to wait until autumn to start integrating these 4 trends into your outfits

The Bordeaux

This deep red is a classic and a must have when it comes to the autumn color palette. This season is a must. What is good is that it is now the year, as all 4 trends that I present to you today. Choose a 4 seasons fabric like a silky blouse, a skinny denim, a cold wool skirt or, even more simple, a handbag. To give it a summer flavor it is associated with white, nude hues, bright colors, bright or pastels.

Combo sweatshirt + long skirt

This strong trend in 2012 is nicely twisted. . The alliance of the big cotton sportswear sweater matche with the originality of a skirt mid-long or sequined at Balmain, faceted at Fendi, in short, with reliefs, as with the bride Tina Kunakey during the photocall of the parade Cruise 2019 from Dior.

Fancy costumes

The androgynous spirit is timeless. Who better than the female costume to pay tribute to him? This year, the blazer / trousers set adds color to our first lady Brigitte Macron, and and Agnès b. the twist of geometric shapes.


The tiles come in different colors. Priority to “vitaminized” colors, Michael Kors Collection gives them a seventies look while influencer fashion and future bride Chiara Ferragni offers a look 1980s, punk trend.

Unlimited scratches

Small, big, with or without moderation, the stripe is needed throughout our dressing. If the Quebec singer with sharp looks Celine Dion wears on an oversized set, Emporio Armani associates with a rock costume.
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